Thursday, May 24, 2012

The right content distributed in the right way

The challenge for businesses is to understand their client’s choices and to communicate with them using the methods and channels they prefer.

There’s no point having good content and services, if they’re not distributed in the right way. The solution is to build networks based on ideas, themes and issues. Through these trusted networks content will find its audience, based on its value.  

Unlike targeted campaigns based on assumed interest, which are unlikey to intersect with the point at which a recipient is truly engaged with the subject. That is more to do with coincidence than coordination.

Sometimes, cohorts and communities converge to be one and the same. That’s when the interests of users match an assumed distribution model for information. These opportunities to simplify the production and distribution of information are few. They should be seen as a bonus, not as an excuse to carry on as is.

Until organisations embrace the disruptive nature of networked communications, they are going to rely on luck and convergence of interest. That is not a sound strategy at any point, least of all now.

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